This time we are here with a fantastic variety of Maxi Styles 2014. This modern dressing is not only the love of western ladies,instead of it has become the leading choice of eastern ladies as well. Great fashion modifications in this lovely fashion dressing has made it good choice for different occasions. Now you can have very unique maxi designs that are really amazing. This post is all about these new maxi designs. We have selected designer wear style for you so that you may know about the latest fashion trends of Maxi Styles 2014. So let’s have a look.

  • Full Round Shape Maxi Style
  • Narrow Round Shape Maxi Styles
  • Cocktail Maxi Styles
  • Umbrella Cut Maxi Style

Bright color maxi

Beautiful maxi collections

Full Round Shape Maxi Style

One of the most attractive among all latest Maxi Styles 2104. Imagine the spark of full round shape maxi with shining stuff and lovey fashion accessories. You can’t have such a wonderful dressing for party occasions. This range varies from very light stuff to bright color stuff and printed is also here for you. Sleeveless style looks amazing with it as shown below.

Brown maxi

new MAXI STYLES 2014


Narrow Round Shape Maxi Style

Want to have extra smart looks? Then simply select this one. The narrow round shape maxi styles are so much beautiful as they are full of stunning smart looks. Very fine cotton stuff is here as this is summer season. While other stuff like velvet,shafoon etc have also been designed out for you as these maxi are carried out for parties. These Maxi Styles 2014 have their own beauty and charm and the stunning feature about them is their outstanding stitching. Both short and long stuff is available according to your demands but long narrow round shape maxi looks more beautiful. Tall girls can simply rock after wearing them with high heel and elegant fashion accessories.

Multicolored maxi

New stylish maxi

Wonderful maxi designs

Cocktail Maxi Style

Cocktail dresses,the love of ladies.No doubt,this stylish dressing looks so beautiful to them just due to its stunning cuts. Very beautiful cocktail dresses have been designed out and Cocktail Maxi Style is one of them. All the models love to carry them as they give them very modern and smart looks. But now,the housewives are also using them for causal wear purposes as these can be used up for this perfectly. It’s all about the selection of  color combinations and designs that help you to decide for which occasion to be selected. Some of them are given below for you.

white maxi designs

Cocktail maxi designs

Umbrella Cut Maxi Style

Another awesome addition to latest Maxi Styles 2014. Umbrella cut frocks look very beautiful to ladies. Now this style has been used in maxi styles that looks very lovely. Full round umbrella cut helps you to carry extra stylish looks.. This new fashion dressing is full of very modern cuts. Lovely color combinations and delicate printing is here for you that has  made this collection of new Maxi Styles 2014 more attractive.

Purple maxi

Beautiful maxi designs

Stylish maxi collections

Be trendy by selecting  the best one for you among these Maxi Styles 2014.