Here comes the ever lovely collection of Handmade Jewellery. Jewellery,the most beautiful women accessory that did not lose its charm in any era of life. Wearing a stylish piece of jewellery actually enhances your smartness and tends to add lovely charm in your personalities. Although a lot of designs have been introduced in the jewellery but the beauty of artistic hands seem to be at the peak in handmade jewellery. Yes! the charming handmade jewellery has kicked off the golden,silver and artificial jewellery trends. The most attractive feature of this jewellery is the delicate designs created by human hands.So let’s see the wonderful variety of this latest jewellery.

  • Handmade Bracelets
  • Handmade Rings
  • Handmade Earrings
  • Handmade Bangles
  • Handmade Pendants

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Handmade Bracelets

You would not see such an amazing variety of bracelets under any other jewellery designs. Beautiful threads when being tied up with stylish stones and beads,give awesome colors of natural beauty. Each and every size bracelets are here for different occasions. You would love to see that,thus we have come up with a versatile variety of these stylish bracelets.

New bracelets

Green bracelets

New designs of bracelets

 Handmade Rings

Another amazing variety of handmade jewellery. You can even engrave your names on these rings and that’s the real beauty of these beautiful rings. You can find wide range of stone rings,beaded rings etc under this classic variety of beautiful handmade rings. Some of them are given below just to give you an idea about these latest variety for rings.

Blue rings

New rings

Handmade Earrings

Here is the lovely variety of very delicate earrings that includes beautiful stone and beaded earrings. Full round shape,narrow round shape and medium round shape earrings are here for you. The lovely color combinations of beads and stones have made these earrings the most beautiful one. Let’s have a look and see the beauty of these modern earrings collections.

Rounded earrings

Black earrings

Sky blue earrings

 Handmade Bangles

The loveliest jewellery item especially among the eastern ladies. It’s really very nice to know that tremendous varieties of beautiful bangles have been designed out in the recent era. When it comes towards the handmade bangles,then obviously it becomes more stunning. The hand made bangles have become the leading choice for each life occasion like that of formal,party and even that of wedding. Especially handmade bangles are preferred for the beautiful mehndi occasion. Special orders are placed for handmade bangles for mehndi occasion.

Multicolored bangles

Red bangles

Handmade Pendants

The beautiful collection of latest pendants is here for you. Very delicate work of human hands has turned these pendants into the most stylish one. Lovely color combinations with stylish incorporation of beads is the most distinctive feature of these latest pendants. This variety is equally fit for formal,party and wedding occasions. This new fashion trend of handmade pendants has grasped the ladies community around the world. We are here with selective pieces of these wonderful pendants that are simply awesome. Have a look and admire the perfection of designers.

Green pendants

Latest pendants

 Hope you will like this lovely collection of handmade jewellery.