The ever stylish range of Antique Jewellery is here for you. This traditional jewellery stuff is so much unique with regard to its unique designs and lovely cuts. Although other jewellery trends like gold,silver,handmade,diamond etc have also worth but when we talk about Antique Jewellery,then other jewellery collections come at lower level. Ladies’ love for this jewellery is not hidden as they had been fond of it in past and now great fashion  modifications have been introduced in this Antique Jewellery that has made it more beautiful and attractive. We have planned to share the latest Antique Jewellery collections with you. You will see variety of different jewellery items under this new collection.

  • Antique Bracelets
  • Antique Earrings
  • Antique Rings
  • Antique Pendants
  • Antique Bangles

Beautiful antique jewellery

Antique Bracelets

Lovely color combinations of stones and beads with versatile incorporation of silver thread work is here under this new antique jewellery collection. Both wide bade and narrow base stuff is here for you. This variety varies from very elegant light color stuff to very bright one that offer their utility for a number of occasions. Bridal antique bracelets are also here for you that are simply awesome.

Beautiful bracelets 2014

New bracelets collections

Stylish bracelets

Antique Earrings

The splendid variety of latest antique earrings is shown below. This arnge basically includes very delicate silver and black base that is its real beauty. Further,the use of multicolored beads and stones have also been introduced that is again a wonderful fashion trend in Antique Jewellery.

Stylish earrings

Beautiful antique earrings

Antique Rings

You would not blink your eyes after just having a glance at the below given wonderful variety of antique rings. These rings are so much unique as compared with ordinary silver, gold and other rings. Very fine antique base with stylish cuts has made them the most beautiful rings 2014. Very fine styles are here for you. This collection is perfect one for formal, semi-formal, party and wedding occasions. You wound surely agree with us after having a glance at this collection.

Lovely rings

New antique rings

Beautiful stone jewellery

Antique Pendants         

This wonderful jewellery item becomes more attractive when it is designed in unique colors with lovely cuts. The antique pendants are very famous in this regard as they are very stylish and they are being designed out with marvelous ranges of new fashion styles. These stylish pendants have become the leading choice of ladies in this era of life.

Beautiful antique pendants

New antique pendants

Beautiful stone pendants

Antique Bangles

The most demanded and elegant one among all latest bangle collections. The versatility and attraction of these bangles is the real distinctive feature that has made them stunning. You can have it both in choora style and simple delicate bangle style. Silver antique bangles are so much beautiful in this regard as they are very lovely and they perfectly meet the standards of delicacy. We have selected some of them for you just to give you an idea about these stylish bangles.

Stylish antique bangles

New antique bangles

Latest choora designs

That was all about the latest overview of Antique Jewellery.