The ever loveliest range of Wedding Shoe Designs 2014 is here. Wedding shoes, the most beautiful wedding accessory that actually demands a high attention as the selection of perfect wedding shoes enhances the beauty of brides when being matched well with wedding dress and make up. The stylish wedding shoes have been introduced by your favourite fashion designers. The high heel wedding shoes are in fashion along with some other newly emerged fashion trends like wedged wedding shoes, closed wedge wedding shoes and medium heel wedding shoes. We are going to provide you a fantastic glance at this attractive fashion trends. You would love to see that.

  • High Heel wedding shoes
  • Medium Heel Wedding Shoes
  • Wedge Wedding Shoes
  • Closed Wedge Wedding Shoes

Multicolor bridal shoes

High Heel Wedding Shoes

One of the ever lovelies fashion trend even among these latest Wedding Shoe Designs 2014. The use of high heel on weddings really looks awesome as wearing a high heel helps you to carry very delicate and smart looks. The latest wedding shoe collections are also enriched with great variety of high heel wedding shoes. Different styles of high heels have been designed that are really outclassed. Both broad and sharp high heel is available in lovely styles. The sharp high heel shoes el Wedding Shoes

Stylish bridal shoes 2014

Medium Heel Wedding Shoes

New Wedding Shoe Designs 2014 carry a fabulous range of medium heel shoes. The trend of having medium heel on wedding is new, yet it is accepted in most of the countries. Tall brides mostly love to wear such kind of wedding shoes. The beautiful transparent shoes have been especially designed for you in this stuff that go best with dark color wedding dresses. Each and every color is available in these modern wedding shoes as now the brides are eager to wear different color weeding dresses instead of just that of red color.

Beautiful low heel shoes

Wedge Wedding Shoes

Another amazing new fashion trend among Wedding Shoe Designs 2014. The most distinctive feature of these lovely wedding shoes is their fashionable heel designs. The heel designs are very cozy and have both high and low stuff. The wedge wedding shoes are very attractive and carry stylish designing on the entire base. Mostly, young brides like these wedding shoes. The sparkling color combinations are available in these beautiful wedding shoes including golden and silver colors.

Beautiful wedding shoes

New fashion bridal shoes

Closed Wedge Wedding Shoes

This lovely design comes under the most stylish among all Wedding Shoe Designs 2014. The closed wedge shoes have unique cuts like broad cut at the end and sharp cut at the interior side. Thus these shoes are in high demand in the fashionable communities. The use of glasswork and beautiful embroidery work has turned them into the most attractive wedding shoes 2014. Given below is a wonderful range of these lovely shoes. You would surely love to have these beautiful shoes for your auspicious wedding occasion.

Modern wedding shoes

Hope you would like to have one shoe pair among this lovely collection of beautiful,amzing and stylish Wedding Shoe Designs 2014.