There is no denying the fact that heels not only add extra inches but also give instant confidence to any women wearing them. Over the years women collect piles upon piles of heels to wear only on formal occasions, but what about the rest of the year or the rest of your day? We spend thousands of rupees on fancy heels we only end up wearing twice or thrice and choose to become meager when it comes to the everyday shoe – The flats. These are not only comfortable to walk around in, but also look great be it a day out in the sun or night study sessions in the library. Additionally, doctors have time and again discouraged women to wear heels as heels put a women’s body posture at risk, causing permanent back aches, and hip and leg pains. From boots to ballerinas, today you will find many options in flats for both summer as well as winters. Below I discuss my favorites in flat shoes:

Gladiator Sandals

Flat gladiators give off a Roman warrior feel. Usually made with pure leather, these shoes are strappy sandals wrapping the feet like a rope. The more dramatic ones go all the way up your knees and can be worn with skirts.

Beautiful Gladiator Flat Shoes

Nice Gladiator sandal Flat Shoes

Gorgeous Gladiator Sandal Flat shoes

Ballerina Pumps

Ballerina pumps are French girl’s ultimate oath to comfort as well as prettiness. They look Tres Chic paired with skirts and skinny jeans.

Stylish Ballerina Pumps

Easy Balleria Pumps Flat Shoes

Simple Balleria Pumps Flat shoes

Excellent Ballerina Pumps Flat Shoes

Khussa/ Kola Purris

This is a predominantly sub-continental (India/Pakistan) shoe. Worn by the magnificent Mahrajas and Mahranis of the Mughal era, such shoes depict an old world charm. This form of footwear compliments eastern wear like choridars and shalwars.

Traditional Khussa Flat Shoes

Trendy khussa flat shoes

Stylish khussa Flat Shoes

Flip Flops

Probably the most comfortable of the lot, these shoes are for the casual people. Flip flops are a shoe of the beach, pool and summer. Promoted by both male as well as females, this easy-to-wear shoe goes more with casual outfits like Bermuda shorts, capris and pajamas.

Comfortable Flip Flop Flat Shoes

Elegant Flip Flop Flat Shoes

Pretty Flip Flops Flat shoes

Are you tired of waiting in long lines of stores, or the shop keeper disappearing on you after every second?  Shopping for shoes in a traditional brick and mortar store can be a tedious chore. Even after the purchase you are always wondering if that other store, in a distant location had better options in style color and variety. That is why I recommend shopping online. and others like it have an amazing collection of women’s flat shoes and all of them at best prices.

Here you can easily find all the variety in one place and compare prices. You will also know if a specific shoe is available in stock or not.Happy flat shoes shopping.