If there’s anything that will make a girl feel like a princess, it’s wearing not one Chanel piece, but two. Emma Stone got the honor at the BAFTA Awards, where the star showed up in a Haute Couture set from the French fashion house.

The A-line midi dress and pants combination recently debuted on the Spring 2017 runway complete with a metallic belt. But Emma opted for full-on glamour, nixing casual accessories and affixing diamond stones to her ears. Of course, she didn’t forget the silver Chanel pumps to round out the ensemble — they featured a pearl strap around the left ankle, a clear homage to Coco, which can be appreciated at any ceremony or event all around the world. Scroll to take a look at the embellished outfit from the catwalk to the red carpet.

The Chanel Look Debuted on the Spring 2017 Haute Couture Runway