Let’s see the evergreen Trend Of Amazing Smokey Eyes in Women. They are in different varieties and liked by every women. For women who love to apply different techniques and shades on their eyes, smokey eyes are best for them. This is too much popular among ladies. They can make their eyes smokey whether to go to formal occasions or also the informal ones. No eye makeup can make you standout at your evening party or any other function more than the smokey eyes makeup. It is amazingly stunning to an extent of giving you the looks of an idol, if well applied. Of course, different celebrities or designers often make their eyes smokey and they look amazing in it. You can also do the same. It is not rocket science. You can go for the traditional latest smokey eyes or also the soft versions or colorful alternatives. There are different types of it and it is up to you to decide which one you like the best, dark, soft or colorful? Take your pick.

  • Soft Smokey Eyes
  • Colorful Smokey Eyes
  • Dark Smokey Eyes

latest smokey eyes

Dark Eyes

modern smokey eyes

Soft Smokey Eyes

A smoky eye is done with one color of eye shadow. Brown, grey, or black are good choices. Dark plum or navy are for the brave. Eyeliners should match. Soft smokey eyes are famous for its great existence. You can wear it in any season. It looks good when you want to go to a routine work. You can apply soft lipstick shade with it or also the dark one if you want to go to a special event. The popularly of smokey eyes is obvious, it is also popular among celebrities. So use your best techniques for  modern smokey eyes.

color of eye shadow

Soft Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes

Colorful Smokey Eyes

The eyes are important thing when you connect with someone and they are first thing that grows attention. You have already seen some girl with amazing eyes who impressed you with her look. And you noticed that the eyes are very important to make a glamorous and feminist impression. You can make smokey eyes with different color and with different touch of the colors. You can make black eyes shade which look very good and incredible, neutral smokey eyes for every day, dramatic, galaxy star and Smokey Eyes with many others looks and colors.

 black eyes shade

Golden Eyes

party makeup

Dark Smokey Eyes

The smokey eye is, perhaps, the most popular makeup look of all time. It suits everyone, it’s super easy to pull off & you can use any color to create a unique smokey eye that’s all your own. dark smokey eyes is one of the best among others for party makeup. If you want to look more graceful for a party or a wedding, the dark eyes are best for it. Then you can add dark mascara and dark eye lashes with it.

Smokey Eyes

Dark Smokey Eyes

Hope you would like the Trend Of Amazing Smokey Eyes In Women.