The Pink Tree Company Casual dresses 2013 for Women launched recently. The Pink Tree is well known company in the fashion industry of Pakistan. They have been providing the womenclothing collections since 2010. The Pink Tree Company offers casual dresses, formal dresses, ready to wear, semi-formal and party dresses as well. The good thing about their dresses collections are blend of both western and eastern styles.

Recently, they have displayed the casual dresses 2013 for women.  The Pink Tree Company Casual dresses 2013 for Women contained beautiful embellished long shirts. There is free choice for women whether they want to sets the shirts with tights or pajamas or trousers. The beautification of the casual wear dresses collection is done by embroidery work, laces, mirror work and thread work as well. Beside them, their customers also love their dresses collections because of the use of the multi-colors as well. The color combinations used in The Pink Tree Company Casual dresses 2013 for Women are also very good like always. They have used bright and vibrant dark shades in this casual dresses collection as they are in the trend of modern fashion. This beautiful casual dresses collection is stitched according to the latest trend of fashion and has both the western and eastern styles.

Like other their dresses collection, The Pink Tree Company Casual dresses 2013 for Women is also available in a very affordable prices. This beautiful casual dresses collection is a package of all qualities that women demand. We are sure that you will appreciate it after taking a glance of this casual dresses collection.

Now let’s have a look of the pictures of The Pink Tree Company Casual dresses 2013 for Women:

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