Here is a brief description of the Techniques To Apply Eye Shadow perfectly. The art of eye make up is very tricky and needs the perfection of the applier. Modern ways to apply eye shadow come under the most creative ones. It goes without saying that you are going to have a make up brush set,an eye shadow set and make up kit to apply eye shadow perfectly.This article is going to share the proper ways to apply eye shadow that would surely help you to do it step by step.

  • Apply Foundation
  • Apply Eye Shadow Primer
  • Apply Selected Eye Shadow
  • Apply Eye Liner

Steps to apply eye shadow

Apply Foundation

Techniques To Apply Eye Shadow have a very important application at the very start of it and that is the use of foundation.Always start by applying foundation as foundation provides base for further proceedings. Use of foundation also helps to smooth the eye area on which eye shadow looks very delicate and beautiful.

Eye make up step by step

Apply Eye Shadow Primer

Now start applying eye shadow primer over the eye from the lash to the eyebrow. Use of eye shadow primer helps to keep the eye shadow on the eye for a longer time and thus is the most adopted one among all Techniques To Apply Eye Shadow. Prime also minimizes the number of eye shadow applications daily.

Eye make up styles

Apply Selected Eye Shadow

Always start applying with medium shade form your eye lashes to eyelid’s outer corner. Scatter light color eye shadow at the lower side of eyelid and the darker one at the upper side of the eyelid. Always finish it with slighter outer edge at the left side of eyelid. If you want to have both light and dark color eye shadow,then apply the lighter one at the middle of eyelid and the darker ones above and below it as it prominates your eye shadows.

Eye shadow designs

Apply Eye Liner

Use pencil aye liner to mark the eye just above your upper lash. Move form the inner corner to the outer corner slowly and smoothly.

Stylish eye liner styles

 Follow these useful Techniques To Apply Eye Shadow and have the desired one eye make up.