Time to see the ever charming variety of Semi Precious Bracelets. The lovely trend of having semi precious jewellery is not a new one,instead it is an older fashion but every time it has adopted some latest fashion trends that has made its use more attractive. Very stylish semi precious bracelets are here with lovely fashion trends and awesome designs. You would surely love to see that,thus we have specially come up with latest collection of these stylish bracelets for ladies.

  • Casual Wear Semi Precious Bracelets
  • Party Wear Semi Precious Bracelets
  • Bridal Wear Semi Precious Bracelets

Stylish bracelets

Casual Wear Semi Precious Bracelets

The most stylish and wonderful one. Thees bracelets are very beautiful as they carry the prefect use of multicolored threads. Very stylish design with amazing color combinations have made them simply stunning. The thread based bracelets are made at homes thus they are very cheap and they carry the perfection of human hands. Full wide base and narrow wide base designs are here according to different demands of ladies. You would love to give them to your friends as they are very lovey and trendy. The narrow wide base bracelets are very elegant and delicate. But the wide base bracelets are full of plenty of thread work. The banarsi thread work and the use of silver thread are other wonderful fashion adaption in these latest fashion bracelets.

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Stone bracelets 2014

New bracelets

Stylish bracelets

Party Wear Semi Precious Bracelets

This is another wonderful collection of modern Friendship Bracelets. Amazing use of multicolored beads looks so beautiful when you carry the bracelets in your hands. Young girls look so pretty when they carry such bracelets with funky color dresses. The beaded bracelets are made both at home and on markets and their durability is just perfect. Very delicate strips around these bracelets look very stylish to girls. You can tightly hang them on your wrists. The main beauty of these bracelets is their very delicate touch and stunning designing. You can easily enhance your charm by having a beautiful bracelet from this lovely collection.

New semi precious bracelets

Latest bracelets

Very beautiful bracelest

Modern bracelets

Bridal Wear Semi Precious Bracelets

These new fashion semi precious bracelets carry amazing thread work and use of different color stones. Traditional embroidery work is the distinctive feature of these beautiful bracelets. Very beautiful dark colored embroidery is carried out on them that looks very stylish. These bracelets are the love of young girls just due to their unique looks and very trendy designing. Either you can carry them in single pair or in the form of bundle of pairs,both styles look amazing as both styles have their own beauty and grace. Very shine stuff is also here that is demanded by teenage girls. White stone bracelets with very delicate use of banarsi thread work is enough to give you extra spark at your wedding.

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New wedding bracelets

Bright colored bracelets

Bright bracelets

Hope you would like to select a piece among these stunning Semi Precious Bracelets.