Are you looking for the Perfect Hair Highlights 2014. Here are some of the beautiful styles to wear on. All girls and ladies dream of gorgeous hair and hair color. Come and discover new stunning styles. You can put on temporary highlights or also permanent ones. This will give awesome look to your personality as hair is important part. You can choose marvelous type of highlights to put on your hair. You can add full color to your hairs or partly bold colors. This will add jolly look to your style and also enhance your personality. You can change your highlights also after sometime, it depends on your mood and choice. Here are some of the Hair Highlights so decide what to choose.

  • Multidimensional Hair Highlights
  • Peek-a-boo Hair Highlights
  • Beautiful Ombre Hair Highlights
  • Chunky Hair Highlights

type of highlights

dark hot color

highlights for short hairMultidimensional Highlights

The best way to give elegant look to your hair is to go in for multidimensional highlights. It includes multi colors. You can add color according to your taste and choice. Whether you have short hairs or long, thick hair or thin, light or heavy, this multidimensional Hair Highlights will be best for you.

Red And Blue Highlights

Brown Gold Highlights

Peek-a-boo Hair Highlights 2014

Give new life to your hair by applying best highlights. Peak a boo highlights is one of them. These hair highlights  are applied randomly to the head using a freehand painting techniques. Sometimes the sectioned hair is lightened and folded in foils, while other times the lightener may be applied directly to the hair without a foil or cap method. Various special effects can be made by using this creative technique. When the hair is parted in different ways, the highlights “peek” out, hence their appropriate name.

Peak a boo highlights

Funtastic Highlights

Simple Highlights

Beautiful Ombre Highlights

Here comes your next stunning idea of highlighting your hair, the “beautiful Ombre highlights”,the formal hair colors. Ombre’ is one the hottest hair color trends because it has so many different options. The variety of this trend can be seen in every magazine and on the runways. It can come in different shades and styles like soft caramel dream, chocolate cherry, copper glow and many more. So choose your best Hair Highlights and have charming looks.

hottest hair color

formal hair colors

dark brown color

Chunky Hair Highlights 2014

If you want to add beautiful looks to your personality and if you want to stand out from the fashion crowd and be the one that people notice then chunky highlights are best for you. It will add joy and fun to your personality. Lets see some latest shades for hair highlights in some bold and funky shades.


latest shades for hair highlights

chunky hairs

modern hair colors

This was all about Perfect Hair Highlights 2014 with modern hair colors choices.