Let’s learn about the very charming Nail Art designs 2014. Nail art,the loveliest ladies fashion that had been the first attention of ladies since the past. No doubt,having beautiful nail polish not only looks beautiful but also adds very stylish colors in your personalities. The ever greatest fashion trends in women life have also come up with a variety of very stylish nail art designs.These designs are so much attractive and are full of modernism. You can find different designs varying from very empty stuff to fully covered stuff.All these designs looks so unique when being carried out in elegant ways. Some of them are given below for you.

  • Multicolored Nail Art Designs
  • Simple Nail Art Designs
  • Glitter Nail Art Designs

Latest nail art styles

Very lovely nail art

Multicolored Nail Art Designs

The older trend of having one color cutics is not more in fashion.Instead of very unique multicolor styles are here for you.These styles look beautiful to ladies of all the ages. All of these styles are very lovely. You can place dots,lining and other different designs on them that present such a lovely scene. Selection of cutics colors really matters a lot in this regard. Both dark and light color combinations with versatile designs are used in this design. In fact this design is one of the most latest Nail Art Designs 2014. The below given images of such Nail art designs 2014 would surely tell you about the latest nail art designs. These designs can be carried out for casual,semi casual and party occasions according to the selected designs and different color combinations.

New variety of nail art

Orange cutics

Beautiful cutics

Stylish nail art

Simple Nail Art Designs

Simple one,for those ladies who love to have very elegant cutics. This style among latest Nail Art Designs 2014 carries very beautiful colors and has its own beauty and charm. You would surely be happy to see them,thus we have selected some of them for you.These styles are the best choice of house wives and professional ladies. Transparent cutics look amazing in this design as this one looks so much elegant and beautiful. Dark color cutics with stylish designing on transparent cutics base presents such a lovely scene and attracts the fashion loving ladies towards it.

Modern nail art

Decent nail art

New cutics designs

Glitter Nail Art Designs

One of the most beautiful Nail Art Designs 2014. This one is actually a new introduction in the fashion world and is full of very lovely designs. Use of glitter is not limited to weddings and parties,instead of it is also the choice for casual purpose as it looks elegant as well. You can use both transparent and colored glitter as per your demands and tastes. All the styles carry their own beauty and attractiveness. Having glitter cutics on the tips of fingers is such a lovely fashion style that has attracted the ladies towards it. If you are going to a party or wedding,then select the shining glitter design,but if you want to carry it for casual purpose,then go with the transparent one. You can place glitter in different styles as shown bellow and all of these designs are simply rocking.

New nail art styles for ladies

Transparent nail art

Red nail art

Hope you would have variety of latest Nail Art Designs 2014 after visiting this article.