Abaya is the real elegance and beauty of the women and it is the thing that covers the beauty of the woman here is the Latest Collection Of Abaya Style 2014. Abayas are mostly wearing in India, Pakistan, Saudi Arab, Dubai and other Muslim countries. Now these abayas are available everywhere. Women throughout the world now love to wear abayas. In fact abaya is now being used not only to cover the body but also for fashion and styling. Many different types of simple and fancy abayas are available in market for ladies. All the famous designers worldwide are designing latest and unique designs of abaya with different patterns and in different colors and style. There are lots of varieties for women. In the beginning the main color of abaya was black but now the trend has changed. Now a day’s women are wearing abayas in different colors and styles. They all appreciated by the women because they want to wear different and elegant abaya styles. So we have collected beautiful Abaya Style for women.

  • Umbrella Abaya Style
  • Embroidered Abaya Style
  • Colored Abaya Style

fancy abayas

unique designs of abaya

abaya design

Umbrella Abaya Style

These days abaya is getting out quite famous clothing styles among women of all age group,these are in different styles. One of the styles we have collected for you is umbrella Abaya Style. This style of abaya flows in to a wide full bottom sweep. This is one of the new styles of abaya. This abaya gathers with small pleats around the neckline, and opens with a top side diagonal cut zipper. Try the beautiful designs of umbrella Abaya Style.

new styles of abaya

Abaya Style



umbrella abaya style





Embroidered Abaya Style

The other category in abaya is embroidered Abaya Style. It includes some fancy look with stones and beads which give women a fabulous look. These are in different designs and styles. Sometimes ago the designers had been designing simple and plain black abayas with no any fancy work but today in this high ends fashion planet abayas are available in fancy looks. Women also prefer to wear these abayas in special occasions so now there is no tension that which type of abaya to wear in special events.

black abayas



Colored Abaya Style

Let see the huge collection of colored abaya style. Today abaya are in different styles and colors. They are available in all colors. You can choose according to your wish and environment. For the winter soft and light colors as used such as beige, off white, light blue, red and many more. But for the summer season vibrant colors are famous among women. So look at all abayas and enjoy new styles.

colored abaya

blue abaya

Hope you would like the Latest Collection Of Abaya Style 2014.