Everyone in this world wants to look good and now a days there are lot of things to take care like cosmetic introduced in markets for men and women to groom their personality. First thing we should take care about is face because if your face is beautiful you will look more dashing. In today’s era, men are also towards the fashion. You can check their personality by their way of dressing. But now different beard styles are also very common. Beard has always been a fashion picture for men.Let’s check out the different latest Celebrities Beard Styles.. Hope you will love all.

  • Full Beard
  • Goatee
  • French Beard
  • Mustache With Soul Patch
  • The Scruffy Beard

New fashion beard styles

Full beard

 Fawad Khan is the multi-talented personality. He is actor, singer and model of the Pakistani industry. He is most charming and handsome personality of Pakistan. Check out his beard style which makes him the hottest man. This full beard style among new Celebrities Beard Styles makes him different from others. Moreover he is perfect in his all work.

Modern beard styles



Here is another wonderful beard style among hot Celebrities Beard Styles.  Babar Khan is a Pakistani TV actor and model. His good looks make him a good and renowned actor along with his acting and work. Here he is in the goatee style beard. He looks so hot in it. This style of beard is also famous among men as well as youngsters.

Babar khan beard style

French Beard

 Ali Zafar is a Pakistani music composer, singer-songwriter, painter and actor. He also did acting in Bollywood. Here you can see that he is looking stunning in his French beard. Clear cheeks and hairy chin is now becoming fashion mantra for all the boys.

New celebrities beard styles

French beard styles

Moustache with soul patch

 Fahad Mustafa is a Pakistani television actor, producer and model. He has acted in many television serials throughout the 2000s. He is very famous among Pakistani industry for his looks, style and the stunning personality. This type of beard shows us attitude which he follow. The eye catching style looks so dashing.

Beard style of fahad mustafa


 The Scruffy Beard

 And here comes the beat of all the hearts, Hamza Ali Abbasi. He is an actor, a director and a scriptwriter, Hamza Ali Abbasi has greatly attracted a decent fan following in late 2013. Even he looks so stunning in his all type of styles. The great boy with his gorgeous looks makes him different from others. A moustache is maintained above the upper lip, while hair is left to grow on the chin and around the jawline. It’s a rough look that is now becoming famous among the gents.

Actors beard styles

Modern beard styles 2014

 That was all about the hot Celebrities Beard Styles.