The dress collection launched recently is Freedom Nation Collection 2016 by Sapphire. As everyone is doing preparation for Independence Day so this Freedom Nation Collection is perfect for them because it is specially made for the Independence Day.

Sapphire is among the most popular brands who always drool everyone by their fantastic dress collections. They released their dresses collection on every special events and their collections are mostly liked by many girls and women. They always set new trend in fashion market by their designs. This time, the globe strutting fashion brand has come up with amazing range of stylish dresses for Independence Day.

The Freedom Nation Collection 2016 by Sapphire consists of short kurtas with different digital prints. This Freedom Nation Collection includes 6 fabulous designs of scarves, 5 kurtas for girls having contemporary silhouettes and drop shoulders as well as 3 kurtas design for men. The digital prints on the kurtas for women includes Pakistan’s currency, monuments and heritage which reflects the patriotism and love for our identity. The kurtas for men is simply designed that they look so elegant in their own. They don’t have any type of prints but their simplicity and uniqueness are their beauty.

In short Freedom Nation Collection 2016 by Sapphire doubled the upcoming event’s fun with its classy dress collection. The set is so simple and beautifully designed that it takes you back to that time when the journey of train was so comfortable and economic for long routes. In some shots the girl is running towards the train, in some shots she is waiting for her partner and in some she is in train with his partner. Besides it, the color in Freedom Nation Collection 2016 by Sapphire is not only green and white, but it also have bright yellow and black which does not make it limited for only one occasion but make it wearable for every occasion. We are sure that after taking a glance of Freedom Nation Collection, you will fall in love with it and will definitely buy it for special day.

Now, let’s have a look of Freedom Nation Collection 2016 by Sapphire:











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