Fabrizio by Stylo Eid Collection 2013 has been launched and you can buy it from any store nationwide. Fabrizio is the clothing fashion brand by the Stylo which is a well-known shoe brand in Pakistan. Stylo has now become the complete household name because they are not only providing the footwear products but also ready to wear dresses such as the casual wear, party wear, and abayas along with it they also offer the fashionable bags, and accessories under the label of their new brand Fabrizio. This means that you can give you a perfect attractive look by wearing their products.

Fabrizio by Stylo Eid Collection 2013 is the Eid collection for all the women of the Pakistan which contains traditional style in the pure fabric embellished with very beautiful and attractive as well as this Eid Collection is consists on a lots of the vibrant and dazzling colors which add glamorous touch in this Eid Collection. All the designs which are used in Fabrizio by Stylo Eid Collection 2013are very fresh and trendy and having different styles such as the long shirts, short shirts with open pajamas, long shirts are mostly paired with the tights which are looking very nice as it is in the fashion of these days. Overall, al l the dresses in this Eid collection are very trendy, comfortable and affordable which gives you the chance to celebrate this Eid festival as best as you can.

So, enjoy the beauty of the rainy season and the pleasure of the Eid by wearing the gorgeous dresses. You will feel something new and different if you give a try to these stunning outfits by Fabrizio. In addition to it these are ready to wear dresses which give you one more comfort because it is an also difficulty of stitching in the busy days of Ramadan. We are sure that you will love these dresses as all are bold, stylish and latest.

Now let’s have a look of the pictures of the Fabrizio by Stylo Eid Collection 2013: