Crescent Lawn by Faraz Manan Eid Collection 2013 has recently launched by CrescentLawn brand of Faraz Manan fashion designer. Crescent lawn is well-known clothing brand by the fashion designer Faraz Manan who is among the famous fashion designers of Pakistan. This brand is among the popular brand because Faraz Manan provides the glamorous designs and exclusives patterns to his customers nationwide as well as on international fashion market. Faraz Manan is doing very well job since many years. Crescent lawn came in to being in 2011 and the brand has done high business with its exclusive patterns and designs. As the time passes, the brand with the help of expert fashion designers and the whole team rocked the market with their stunning designs and mind blowing patterns with the vibrant color combination which they have offered in summer in 2012. In this year, they also present many dresses collection for women in which they have done awesome work.

As there is very short time left in Eid, so they have present lawn collection for Eid. All the dresses inCrescent Lawn by Faraz Manan Eid Collection 2013 are elegant and beautiful that you will definitely make your mind to buy them after all Faraz Manan is the symbol of glamour and style.

Crescent Lawn by Faraz Manan Eid Collection 2013 is consisting somehow the luxurious suits that will make you happy and comfortable. The dresses in this Eid collection are embellished in a very unique way which will give you a complete formal look. The choice of color combination is amazing as well which shows that how much talented this young fashion designer is. These are perfect party wear dresses which you can wear on various functions and on various purposes. I am sure you will keep these dresses on your body and in your wardrobe for a very long time as you will fall in love with this Eid collection.

Now let’s have a view of the pictures of Crescent Lawn by Faraz Manan Eid Collection 2013:









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