Recently, Bonanza Mid-Summer Lawn Collection 2016 has been released. As this is mid-summer, so mostly girls and ladies like lawn dresses for casual use and also on different parties.

Bonanza is among the renowned fashion brands of the Pakistan and has been working for many years. This brand always offers the casual wears and formal wears for women for every season and also for every occasion and festivals. Now, for the Mid-Summer, it once again launched its Bonanza Mid-Summer Lawn Collection 2016.

This Mid-Summer Lawn Collection consist of short kurtas with cigarette pants and shalwars. The Kurtas are adorned with elegant prints and decent embroidery work. The embroidery work is mostly done on the necklines and borders. Because of the embroidery work it can also worn on different occasions like mango party, kitty party and a small get together.  The stunning and eye catching colors are used in Bonanza Mid-Summer Lawn Collection 2016. One more important thing is that women of any age can wear it because it does not have any wantonness. So, women of age 30 to 45 can also carry it on. The Mid-Summer Collection is prepared by experts and designers and the witness of it is the uniqueness in the styles of kurtas. There are different styles of kurtas in it and we are sure you will fall in love with this Mid-Summer Lawn Collection after taking the glance of it.

Angrakha Style:

As, the angrakha style is the clothing idea of one of the ethnic, historical Asian trend. A trend from the Royal wearing of Mughals and is always been a style of India, Bengal and Pakistan. So, this most liked one style is used in this Mid-Summer Lawn Collection to make it more attractive and splendid.


Short kurtas with cigarette pants:

As a year ago, there is a trend of long shirts with trousers. So, like the year trend is also changed from long shirts to short kurtas and trousers into cigarette pants. And this trend rocks the fashion market. Mostly every designer is using this trend in their dresses collection. So, it is also used in Bonanza Mid-Summer Lawn Collection 2016.


Short Kurtas with shalwars:

The brand has always made the traditional dress type alive by different ideas and techniques. So, like always they did it again and paired the kurtas with shalwars which make it more graceful and traditional. And this gives the traditional touch to the Mid-Summer Lawn Collection.


Now, let’s have a look of some pictures of Bonanza Mid-Summer Lawn Collection 2016:

















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