This post carries wonderful designs of Thread Based Bangles. Bangles,the love of  ladies around the world.What a lovely fashion item it is. No one can deny the beauty and charm,one have after carrying bangles. Ladies had been fond of wearing stylish bangles and that is obvious as this lovely fashion item is so much fascinating and full of charm. Great fashion trends have been emerged in bangles as well. Now the older fashion trend of traditional bangles is not more in fashion. In fact,new varieties are here like gold bangles,silver bangles,stone bangles etc. Homemade bangles is such a lovely fashion style. These bangles are not only cheaper,but they are also very unique as they carry amazing styles. Among these home made bangles,Thread Based Bangles are at the peak of beauty as they have lovely colors and wonderful designs. This post is all about the stunning  designs of Thread based Bangles.

  • Simple Thread Based Bangles
  • Beaded Thread Based Bangles
  • Multicolored Thread Based Bangles

Unique bangles

Simple Thread Based Bangles

These lovely bangles are full of charm as they have wonderful silk thread work.Exclusive wrapping of a bright color thread across the whole bangles,presents so much amazing scene. The most attractive feature of these lovely bangles is their cheaper rate and stunning looks. You can’t have the beauty of human hands in such a wonderful way anywhere else. In fact,anyone can easily get astonished by first looking at the excellence of artistic hands in these Thread Based Bangles. Some of them are shown below for you.

Home made bangles

Modern bangles

Wonderful bangles

Elegant bangles

Beaded Thread Based Bangles

Another amazing addition to new fashion bangles. These home made bangles are Incorporated with shining beads and sometimes  stylish small stones that add very unique color s in them. The beaded bangles are a good choice for functions and parties and lovely multicolored stuff is here for you. These bangles are available both in narrow base and wide base stuff a s per the different demands of ladies. You can also give orders for them in order to have your desired favorite colored beads on them.

New bangles

New thread based bangles

Shining bangles

Multicolored Thread Base Bangles

These stylish bangles are very delicate and charming as they carry wonderful bright color combinations. Both beaded and printed stuff is here for you. Use of mirrors on them is another fashion trend that is the first choice for weddings. You can have these beautiful bangles both in choora style and delicate thin bangle style.Both styles are simply rocking. Golden and silver beads are specially used on them when they are being made for weddings. Brides are so much fond of them that they place orders to have these Thread Based Bangles for their weddings where these are made by fully matched with their bridal dresses. Sometimes,silk thread  is wrapped on small beads that looks so beautiful when being carried out with matching dark color make up and dresses.

Lovely bangles

Pakistani bangles

Stylish bangles 2014

Lovely bangles 2014

Hope you would like this awesome collection of Thread Based Bangles.