The amazing collection of Eid Bangles is here for you. The lovely eid occasion can never be imagined without having beautiful bangles. Girls shopping is incomplete without bangles. The great fashion trends have come up with a variety of very stylish bangles that are simply amazing. You would be glad to see such a pretty collection,thus we have come up with  selective range of latest Eid Bangles. These collections are just according to latest fashion trends and each and every new fashion style would be there. So let’s have a look.

  • Traditional Eid Bangles
  • Choora Style Eid Bangles
  • Beaded Eid Bangles.

blue bangles

Traditional Eid Bangles

These stylish bangles carry a great variety of designs that are very lovely and unique. The traditional Pakistani eid bangles are very beautiful as they are full of sparkling colors and tremendous ranges of new fashion designs have been adopted by these new fashion bangles. Both delicate stuff and wide base stuff is available under this new collections of Eid Bangles. Use of beads and glitter is the real beauty and distinctive feature of these lovely bangles. The glitter bangles are mostly demanded on eid occasion as these bangles perfectly match with your lovely eid dresses and tend to ehnace your beauty. The below given collection of bangles carry all the above mentioned features and you would surely love to have one of them after juts having a glance upon them.

New bangles 2014

Red bangles

White bangles

Lovely eid bangles

Choora Style Eid Bangles

Choora style bangles,the love of past that has again rocked on the threshold of latest fashion trends. The choora style sbnagles are such a pretty addition to modern bangles as these bangles have their own beauty and charm that can not be found out in any other style. The choora style Eid Bangles are specially designed out by keeping in mind the nature of occasion. Very stylish designs are here with elegant and bright color combinations. Each and every color is available under this new collection of eid bangles,so you can easily have a pair matched with your eid dress. These stylish eid bangles are full of very trendy looks,thus these are greatly demanded by the teen age girls.

New choora style bangles

New eid bangles

Unique bangles

New bangles

Beaded Eid Bangles

Another amazing  range of lovely eid bangles and that is the stylish beaded bangles, Imagine the spark of multicolored beads engraved on bangles. It is such a lovely fashion trend and it has grasped the attention of ladies successfully. The beaded bangles are full of bright touch,thus these are just the perfect choice for eid occasion. Ladies belonging to each age group can enjoy this collection as it is full of new varieties. The beaded bangles are very unique with regard to their outlooks. Use of matching color shoes and make up would surely enlighten your personality at the lovely eid occasion. These stylish bangles collections are also available in delicate bangles style and choora style. Mainly,the choora style beaded bangles are mostly demanded as they look very unique and beautiful.

Beaded bangles

Latest beaded bangles

New variety of bangles

Stylish beaded bangles

Enrich your eid with sparkling colors by having lovely Eid Bangles.